Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey all, Happy Summer Solstice! The fireflies have just really come on this week, they are amazing, like a little light show in our ditch!

I did a Tarot reading for Claire, from the UK tonight, and while I read I wear headphones to shut out the world. I usually shuffle my ipod, and tonight I kept track of my shuffle so you guys can see what kind of stuff goes in my ears when I'm doing your cards...
>At Least We Tried-Moby
>Maybe You’re Right- Barenaked Ladies
>Say Yes- Ellott Smith (a shout out to chlo-aye)
>You Never Can Tell- Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter (Yee hah)
>Rikki Don’t Lose that Number- Steely Dan
>Crying- Roy Orbison & KD Lang
>Speed of the Sound of Loneliness- Amos Lee
>Wishing Tree- Sonia Dada (That’s a Jet special)
>Dry country- B-52’s…(that’s better. Rock gently)
>One Drop- Bob Marley
>Best of You- Foo Fighters (Rock a lil’ harder)
>Anytime Lisa-Was (Not Was) (wow. This is a blast from the past…)
>Meet Virginia- Train (I got this one from my fabulous niece Stephanie, years ago…)
>Heart-Nick Lowe (I heart this)
>Texas Flood- Stevie Ray & Double Trouble. (Speaking of heart…)
>No Rain -Blind Melon
>Burning Down the House- Talking Heads. (Ahh, memories)
>Bad Time- Jayhawks
>Werewolves of London- Magnolia Electric Co (Not the incomparable warren, RIP, but interesting)
>Into the Great Wide Open –Tom Petty
>Closer to Fine-Indigo Girls (I’m trying to tell you something about my life…)
>If I could Talk I’d Tell You- Lemonheads (I was just wanting to hear this the other day)
>Song for you- Leon Russell
>Melt with You-Modern English (A HUGE fave from my rubber bracelet days)
>Keep ‘em Separated-Offspring (One for Dan all pro)
>Showdown- ELO
>Feel Goood Inc- Gorrillaz- (Danny & I both got into this at the same time, separately. Weird.)
>Blame it on the Tetons- Modest Mouse (Man I need a cold one…)
>Kick Push-Lupe Fiasco (From the Divine M)
>Hotel Song- Regina Spektor (Come into my world, I’ve got to show show show you…)
>Praise You-Fatboy Slim..

Reading done now, headphones off and off to bed...