Thursday, August 30, 2007

First off, don't you love that pristine moment when the song is right, the sun is shining, you're driving and it feels good to be there? My daughter and I drove to town, town being Millersburg, teeeeny tiny but sporting a pretty rockin' grocery, stocking items like Bells ale, and specialty snacks and crackers. What I love though, are the Charms sweet and sour suckers- the clear part is the sour, so we always look for lots of that. So M and I get our suckers and we're heading back to the cabin, and it feels sooo good to be there, two days of vacation ahead of us, there had been lots of rain and the sun was sumptuous on the damp ferns and leaves, and M put on her iPod and played The Moldy Peaches, Anyone else but you, she and I were happy to be together, and it was a flashbulb memory moment.

Really, it's been such a great summer with the kids. At ages 14 and 15 there has been minimal bickering,(as opposed to ages 10 and 11...) they have finally gotten the hang of helping around the house this Summer, and they are enjoyable to be with! I'm counting some blessings.

Up north was so relaxing- we had a lot of fun as a family. There's a Thai restaurant in Rogers City with a buffet on Sunday- just a select number of dishes, but outstanding! I painted a new sign to put down by the road, and we hung our birdhouses all around. Dan and James fished, and hunted for squirrels, and we all watched movies together (Disturbia- not bad, and a fine popcorn and view with the kids) and gathered at campfire time.

Now we're back- Dan has the week off, and I am going in. sigh. Next week he heads off to salmon fish with his buddy, and I have some stuff cooked up with my girlfriends.

I'll post a link to a bunch of pictures as soon as I can blast my kids off the desktop...
Ahhhh, I am back, with wonderful memories to hold onto and think about until the next time we visit our sweet cabin! This is the fire pit, which overlooks the lake. Tasty hot dogs were roasted here.

I will come back this afternoon with more vacation yarns and some links to see pictures- what would a vacation BE without PICTURES!!!!

First a story- we went up last Friday, and traffic is notoriously bad on Friday. Many times we will go very early Saturday to avoid it, but this time we were going to bite the bullet. Dan came home from work stressed, he'd driven a million miles for his job that day, and asked me to drive "the first leg" of the trip.

Well, the "first leg" is all the highway driving- the sucky stuff. PLUS, I had my full monty of trashy mags - the Globe, the National Enquirer and the Star, all ready for me to devour while DAN drove. Sigh. When our shih tzu Peter is displeased, he shows one of his teeth. I kinda felt like showing a tooth or two, but I bit the bullet and took the wheel.

All is going well, traffic heavy but not hideous, I get into my groove- a little lead foot, and I want to pass everyone- when the rain starts. We're listening to NPR, and they start cutting in with weather warnings. It was crazy, every time they announced a location, we would look up at the signs we were passing and THERE WE WERE!!! Every time! And the warnings were things like "Tornado warning"not wimpy stuff. So, there I am, driving through the wall of rain, trying to see the car ahead of me, (I think I'm showing at least two teeth now...) and hoping we can get down the road far enough to avoid the whole "Wizard of Oz" tornado scene...

Finally we drove out of it, and when I pulled into the gas station off the highway and leaped from the drivers seat Dan said, "Ohh, you want ME to drive? You were doing such a good job..." Riiiiight. Nice try. Just drive big boy, I've got trashy magazines calling my name.

We saw my cousins up north, and they said "Did you know Fenton had a tornado on Friday?" I got my war weary look and said "we were THERE!"

Okay, more stories later!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well guys, I'm on my way outta Dodge today, we head to our place up north, Camp Presque Isle, this afternoon. I may get to a computer, but the chances are very slim. (Making phone calls can be problematic...) Best wishes to all!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I just took a bath with my signature sandalwood rose sugar scrub and I smell delicious. I keep getting whiffs of myself and I love me! And it's nice I smell good, because outside it is hot hot hot and HUMID, and I could be sweaty. We've had rain since the weekend, and this morning there were rumbly thunderstorms, and now it's cleared off... We all blink our eyes and come out of our burrows, rain-moles, forced inside for days.

I turned over some cards for myself today, midweek, and they made me smile- the Nine of Pentacles and the Three of Cups. First, the nine reminds me of me, feathering my nest, and getting my world balanced and in control. Working on my environment, and my surroundings, the things within my control, and finding a sense of peacefulness and hopefulness within me, and in my world as well. The Three reminds me of my three sisters and the tremendous support and love they give to me. How lucky I am to have such a strong family bond in my life. That's the personal meaning I take from this.

I think though, that in a bigger picture, I also need to see that the Nine shows a certain isolation, too. The sense of peace, the things that have been accomplished, have not come without a cost. That's why the Three of Cups comes in, it's all about friendship, about the joys of female friends, about friendships that are beneficial for all, cooperation, celebration- it's what I'm working toward. The friendships, the relationships in my life now are a blessing and a gift.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was looking through some of my old "activities" on my site, and I was checking out the edible flower information. Now, rather than just putting out candles to set the mood, you can add fuchsia flowers to your drink- it's lovely, edible, and the fuchsia means passion! Feeling a little mental meltdown? Sage for memory, Yucca for psychic awareness, and mint for wisdom, how can you miss. It's kinda fun...

Tonight we are driving Joey (insert the little hearts around his name) home, then visiting our friend Brian. This means Margaret will be staying home and leaving Joey to our mercy in the mini-van. Muhahhhahaaaaaa!!! She will be limp with worry that we are being heinously parental and she won't be there to keep us under control. Maybe Dan should wear some of those country bumpkin teeth things, or we could sing along to the music in the car- double muhahahaaaaa! (I won't, but I can toy with the idea...)

We were Lucy/Ricky/Ethel/Fred with Richelle & Brian for years, and his divorce became final yesterday. He sounds wonderfully upbeat ... (I think I'll take my cards over...) but it's a very sad thing. I look forward to giving him a big hug!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sodden seems to be the word of the week so far... It has been dripping, misting, clouds leaking all day. Sometimes you can hear a rumble of thunder far away- it's like a sound machine. All those poor Nascar lovers are driving off in their giant buses with viewing platforms, their RV's and Campers. I guess they will try to run it tomorrow (good luck, I doubt this will break...) or they will postpone until November. I feel kinda embarrassed that all these race fans/freaks came here and we are giving them such crummy weather. It was splendid last week, sometimes it's quite pretty here!

We will go to the cabin this weekend, and I can't wait! The thought of being there is making this week much more palatable. Petey will be so happy- it's dog heaven. He runs like a wild shih tzu! I just hope he can steer clear of the skunk babies this time! So, if you're feeling like a Tarot reading, get it early in the week!
I took the kids to see SuperBad, I sooo should have read some reviews first. It was really funny; I loved the boys in this, they were perfect and reminded me of many kids from my school days. However, a lot of sex humor. I remember how awful it was to watch an embarrassing movie with my parents, and it was almost that bad with my kids. Oh well, we all survived, and the popcorn was righteous.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rain, delightful, soaking, a "just loll in bed with a coffee and something to read" rain. I feel sorry for all the race freaks at MIS, it's some kind of BIG Nascar thing, they have been gathering in their buses for a week. (And clogging the lines at the grocery stores with their camping needs, and BEEER, lot's of BEEER) And it was an exceptionally Lovely week here in Michigan. Now, it's race day and it's pretty sucky. I mean, nice if you're in a house looking out, icky if you're camping with 1,000's of other hungover sodden racefans.

I finished "crooked" a couple of days ago, and I really enjoyed many things about it. It was fascinating the way the protagonist had closed herself off in jail, and could really only feel when it hurt. You could feel the build up as she pushes a little harder each time, how close to the edge can she come? It was a much deeper book than I expected it to be, all wrapped up in a spare, crisp style. I am now reading "The Center of Everything", a really delicious read. A touching, and compelling story told through the eyes of Evelyn Bucknow, starting at the age of 10. It shows that unquestioning love a kid has for their parent, and then the day a child realizes that parent is human, and in this case, a disappointment.

Well it's almost 11 am here- 24 years ago that's when I pushed my reluctant firstborn into the world. And here we are- he will be married in November, and I wish him all the best. We've learned a lot together, my sweet "experimental" child and I ... Being firstborn, we were learning as we went along, we always teased him that he was like a science experiment.
Happy bday Dan-boy

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's Saturday, and Market Day again. Dan went with me today, sunflowers and green beans and green tomatoes- oh my! A Gorgeous morning, almost sweater weather.

I've been doing projects today- we unloaded the old mower with another FREE sign, it feels good to streamline. And pictured are my latest canning efforts, more Dilly Green Beans. While canning, I've been listening to some new stuff, Magnolia Electric Company , and Gogol Bordello, the gypsy punks, which I got into because of interviews on good ol' NPR!!! I feel my cards have been pretty true so far...

Now the air is heavy with a rainstorm on the horizon, but it's a cozy night. M is out with friends, J is OBSESSED with Runescape the last couple of days, he keeps coming to tell me how rich he's getting. Dan is grilling and I have to go off to make a fresh tomato salad and some sweet corn.

Tomorrow my eldest turns 24... choke...sob... feeling a lil' old, but pretty content.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow! It's been a couple of days, but I've just been busy. However, I have not gone AWOL! When I get home from work today I'll do a catch-up blog, and some cards for the weekend!!!

Hey, first my guilty pleasure download! I was driving the kids around last night, and they had a teeny bop station on, and I heard this song- Beautiful Girls, Sean Kingston... it instantly got in my head. I love the nod to "Stand by Me' in the music... It's a popcorn song, but a good weekend download...

Okay, that will have to hold you for now!!!

I'm Baccck! I laid out a couple of cards this evening, and I turned up the Magician and the 8 of Wands. Well, the Magician is rich for me, all about taking my plans from my head and getting them started in the world. In this positive position as this card is, it makes me think it's a good weekend to express myself creatively, and get some things going. Last weekend I had the Fool, and I had a ton going on with less focus. I think this weekend there will be more focus, I'll be better at communicating my ideas. (Which makes sense, Dan and I are pretty much in a mind-meld lately...)
The 8 of Wands is just reinforcement, full-speed ahead. I can also mean "arrows of love", sounds promising....
Well, I'm scooting out again, my family is watching "Scarred" and I cannot be in the room with that show. It kinda makes me sick.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not sure what the "wheel of Meat" looks like, it WAS a radio contest, but I thought this picture looked jazzzzy!
A week ago I won 2 lbs of marinated chicken breasts playing "The Wheel of Meat" game on a local radio station. I started thinking about it, I have to drive to another town to get them, we are a family, 2lbs is not quite enough...My sister mentioned an elderly friend who gets her groceries delivered by Jerry's, the store that sponsors the wheel of meat. I called Jerry's and Roma will get the meat added to her next grocery order. I'll send a little random kindness her way. (And I got my moment to SHINE on the radio, all are satisfied...)

I am reading The Aerialist, and I enjoy it, he's a thoughtful writer, and it's interesting stuff! A guy who's a little floating in the 70's winds up going off with the circus- of all the circus books I've read recently, this gives a real idea of daily workings of a really big show. And he writes a vivid word painting, but he's a little dense, and i can't seem to get hooked in. I have found myself doing something I rarely do, i started a second book, Crooked, and I am compelled by this. It's written in a more crisp and sparse manner, the story of a young girl reestablishing herself after prison, and that suits my mood right now.
Gorgeous day!!!! It feels almost fall-like, the golden air and gentle breeze, cicadas and bugs singing. I'll lay out some cards tomorrow. Off to enjoy the day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

It was a productive weekend after all, yesterday Dan and James took on the picnic table project together and it looks OUTSTANDING!! One more coat of poly-stain, and it's done!

They ripped it apart on Saturday, and I took Peter out to the backyard on Sunday. The iron skeleton of the table was there, with one lonely piece of wood going across. Petey tried to jump up on it and hang out like he always does. He fell flat. It was obvious there was no table, he never even looked. He showed his teeth in frustration. (humiliation?) It's a fine new table now.

The picture is a "before" of my headboard. My mama refinished the footboard years ago, and used IT as a headboard. It's too low with our fancy new mattress. So, I am redoing the headboard, but wanted the footboard, so I knew how light to take it. One more day of varnish removal, tomorrow and the next day tung oiling, and it should be ready to rock! (Note: Formby's is way too expensive- use a mixture of lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol....) I think it will be really lovely.
I made fresh salsa and guacamole tonight- my secret to both is lots of cilantro and lime juice. I LOVE Cilantro!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have been longing for a Mystery Date game for a loong time. I lurk eBay auctions, looking for a deal. (They can go for $50-100, too much for a whim of mine)

When I was little Mom and Dad wouldn't let me have the game; I was too young, and it encouraged dating. My parents were 46 when they had me, I was born in '61, , and sometimes their depression baby views clashed with my world. I was DYING for Mystery Date, It was a huge attraction at Susan Schiller's house. In my life, I have only played it a few times, and as a pretty well-adjusted adult, I must admit, I WANT to own one. But, I'm looking for a deal, or a garage sale find (Will trade Mystery Date for Tarot Readings!)

The world is better for
youtube, by god.
The Mystery Date commercial, that lilting song, the possibilities!!! Like Gambling for little girls. THIS is the very ad that got me in it's clutches. I wanted to be one of those swooning little girls. (One of the cuter ones, a couple of them are kinda hurting...)

When we sold my Parent's house, I overestimated the number of mattresses we would need- the diva teen refused to give up her old one. I call it "nasty", she calls it "comfy", so we have been storing the rejected mattress and springs in James' room. (He put up less of a fight than her, poor kid, and has just been living around them. ) We finally moved them out of there, but began living around them leaned up against a wall in the living room. Yesterday we put them by the road with a "free!" sign. There was no action all day, even though it was a pretty good looking set. (One stain was a little suspicious looking, but it was just ONE stain and there are TWO sides to every Mattress!)

At sunset, they were still there, but when Dan went to pick up the kids after their concert, the set was GONE!!! I wonder who's sleeping on them now? Sweet dreams!

A FREE sign works on some people with the same lure as crack.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So, You know what is interesting about a Tarot reading? It happens, and you hold this info in your head, but it may not ring a bell right away. THEN, it hits.

Like me, the Fool, positive position. I have a ton of projects for this weekend, plans and ideas bubbling forth. I THOUGHT I heard Dan say he would do the picnic table, maybe I dreamed it...

Well, the Little Red Hen, ME, has gotten a ton done. Dan fished and took a nap- not terribly helpful. But he DID bring me flowers (Did I mention I HEART him).

Yesterday's Tarot reading was good for me because I recognized Dan as the Heirophant, reversed, and where I would have normally complained about stuff undone, the cards help me see that just because I set my chore bar high, it doesn't mean everybody else has to jump.

I am off to fry green tomatoes. I feel a wild dream a'rising.
What a gorgeous Saturday! My fave kind of day. Dan rolled out early with his boat, it's been three weeks since he's been out fishing. It's a wonderful boat morning, a gentle breeze, temp in the 70's- it's like a sweet kiss after the hot breath of temp in the 90's ( and the humidity registering there, too!) We've come to an understanding about the boat, he goes until about noon, then we spend the day together. And I've gone out on the boat with him, too, during the week. He doesn't fish, he just takes me on scenic journeys. (I heart him)

James got up early with me and we hit the farm market by 8:00. I have bags and bags of fresh stuff, and I even have my frig clean and ready to receive it! (Whooo hoo!) Deal -of-the-day? An amazing bouquet of sunflowers- 3 stems for $1.00!!! I got a dozen. A delicious breakfast followed at a local restaurant, I can't even remember it's name "Country Kitchen"? James goes with me instead of fishing with his dad because I take him out to breakfast... ; ) It was packed. A packed restaurant at breakfast is a good sign. If you are in a strange town, and want to go out to eat, the busiest breakfast spot is notoriously the best.

The kids begged to go school shopping, and now there's a concert they want to attend. (The active "local music scene" bahahaaaaaa) We backed out of a day at my sister's cabin to accommodate them (she did new remodeling and I bet it's very cool. She has an "eye" for this stufff...) So now it's a fix-it day at home. I got refinishing stuff for my headboard, and waxes and oils for the dried out bamboo on the couch project. And Dan is rebuilding our picnic table. (Hmm, my "fool's" adventure? All my plans and projects?)

HOWEVER, I got all my trashy magazines and that is what I'm doing now.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey hey yellow moon, looking down on me! Excellent "weekend boogies" download:
Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers, Yellow Moon- They JAM!I'm putting together a "Moon Mix", some of my fave songs about the moon. (If you have a suggestion, comment it here)

I am reclining on our new quilt, and it's velvety and the perfect combination of gown-up & funky--lots of purple in it. It looks gorgeous in our room, which is, in many ways an homage to the moon. This cozy quilt provides another reason for me to love my bed. I joke about Bed, Bath and Beyond... I am all about the Bed and the Bath, I get stalled out and never seem to get Beyond...

This afternoon I blog as my daughter entertains "joey". If I could type little hearts around his name, I would, because when she says it they dance out of her mouth like a disney cartoon. She is deeply in heart. And, because our house is teeny tiny I am hiding out in my room, thus my continued interest in my bed, my quilt, and my book. (Red Dragon, I am just finishing it. It's fine, just not really my bag. I want to power read it, and start something better. ) My dear teen said, "you've got your computer and a book? What more do you need?" As if I should be tres content with my exile. She pondered a moment and said "well, maybe you could use a mini-frig" Suddenly she was back to reality, realizing she was not going to "send me to my room" for eternity. We actually got a pretty good laugh about it. (Me, nervously, with visions of her picking out my nursing home dancing through my head.) I will kick the the besotted couple out for a walk soon and finish dinner. Enchiladas!

In the meantime, how about a couple of cards to start the weekend! I shuffle these cards as my sweet little dog snuggles in my lap.

First, the Fool! Zero, nothing... the fool is numberless, uncontainable- just when you think you've got him figured out, he does a little dance step and goes his own way. Starting from scratch, starting over, feeling like you have a clean slate. The Fool isn't necessarily foolish, he just follows his instincts and visions more clearly than do most people. He brings and excitement, adventure and fun. Reversed- that's another story. But, I have a positive fool, so I'm going to rock on this weekend with a light and adventuresome spirit.

Next card is the Hierophant, reversed. Hmmm, my book says "an excess of kindness, or draw attention to susceptibility, to gullibility. Gullible- me???? Oh my GAWD- my husband calls me the big Bass, I will bit on any bait. I believe everything people tell me. I'm working on that. Believe me. I'm working on it.

Okay, I'm ready to reclaim my house.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hey y'all! This is a picture of my new quilt (NOT my bedroom, I ripped the photo off the website...) We, up until a few months ago, were owners of one of the last full flotation waterbeds. (Party on Garth) It was the base model, no bookshelves or mirrors, which we had painted. For a long time we had kids sleeping with us a lot, and it's no big deal (or stain!) stain when a kid wets a waterbed. Then we couldn't afford to replace it, then we wondered if we could make the change? Were our spines crippled from years of inadequately filled mattresses???

In May we purchased a real, grown-up mattress! It's Queen-size, with a snuggly buggly pillow top- we are in looooove. Our backs are much-improved, and it's lovely to have a bed you can move easily. I have a headboard that was my grandmother's, it's stained oak and I'm going to strip it and apply oil, (oow, sounds naughty!) this weekend. AND, I purchased this quilt, and a bedskirt- after years of a sloppy waterbed, I feel I have finally arrived. Hey, check out, when you click through the ebates site to shop online, they send you a rebate check!!!

My Tarot sale is over, all readings are done, and thank you all for the wonderful response!

Today I have been suzy homemaker- Meatloaf in the oven, my sister's excellent rice and spinach salad prepped, and ALL my laundry is done! NO huge piles! A stellar life moment.

I am almost finished with Red Dragon, the precursor to Silence of the Lambs. It's what I expected, a competently written, creepy and gross, murder mystery. I have another book about circus life that just came, The Aerialist, I am anxious to get on to that. What is my sudden interest in Circus history?

I hope you all are as hap-hap-happy as me today!!!!

Mrs. Frazier's Chinese Salad via my sis nanc

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup oil
1 clove crushed garlic
Mix, and marinate dressing 1 hour.

2 cups cooked rice
1/2 pkg fresh spinach
Chose 1: 1 small can chow mien noodles, peanuts or sunflower seeds
3 stalks celery, chopped
1/2 cup raisins
1 cups sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup green pepper chopped
3 stalks green onion, chopped
1 cup cashews

Mix all, pour dressing over, mix well!

WAYYYYYYYY delicious.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I had this WHOLE pithy post about the Tower card, and I was blogging on my laptop and I lost the wireless connection, and lost my post. Ummm, one more time let me say how much I dislike Verizon. Anyway, here we go again...

The Night before last I woke to a feeling there were lights going off... but I looked, and waited, there was nothing, so I closed my eyes and cozied up to Dan... And lights, again. I finally shook off the sleep, and checked out my world- it was a light show! The storm hadn't started yet, and but the warm up was mighty.

The Tower card shows up with a storm, but there's not always much warning. It comes crashing into our lives, leaving upheaval in its wake. With the Tower card overtakes you, ready or not, here it comes, in your face. It brings conflict and chaos, it shatters long-held beliefs and understandings, it leaves you no choice but to deal with it. Revelations and Epiphanies happen, some pleasant and some un. The Tower IS falling, all you can do is try to clean up.

Now, the good thing about this card? After the smoke clears, and things settle down, you can stand back and look at the changes, at the chaos, they may not have been easy, but they are often for the best.

That is, if you deal with the reality. The Tower in reverse is seeing the falling walls of the Tower all around you and ignoring it, trying to avoid making changes because change is scary and sometimes pain, or discomfort is better than stepping into the unknown. The Tower in reverse is just spinning your wheels. Or crying. I have a friend and crying is how she handles the Tower. Crying is her acknowledgment, her answer. It saves her from having to deal with the realities, it becomes an activity in itself, not a reaction.

And hey, don't get me wrong. When in pain, cry it out. recently when some foundation friendships that I thought were forever, proved otherwise. I was terribly hurt, blindsided, kinda staggering. I sobbbbbbbed But then, I dried my eyes and started cleaning up the disruption in my life, like cleaning up after the storm. Now, rebuilding. For me it was building up my self-esteem, bolstering old friendships, and reconnecting to my family. I was forced to take on some changes, ready or not.

But, here's the really cool part about the Tower, which is hard to remember when you are in the trenches facing the fallout, the changes wrought often turn out to be blessings in the long run. In hindisght: Relationship were unhealthy and better ended, or people who felt trapped are set free, new ways of living prove to be better, or more fulfilling, a lost job opens a door to a better opportunity, Revelations are set free! I am grateful for the traumatic changes that happened to me, they forced action I NEVER would have taken otherwise, and I am happier than dreamed I would be.

Of course, I am working on my happiness everyday. You can't just sit and stew, you have to make your own solutions. I am doing all I can to rebuild a Tower with a strong and fresh foundation.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Well, this is a picture of a couch identical to my garage sale gift (I found the picture online)- EXCEPT, my couch has no cushions, and it has 4 pieces, not 3. The funky fabric swatch is an example of what I ordered to cover the cushions I create. It will be sweet in the Three Bears Cabin. Again, I will have pics when I complete it.
I I've been doing tons of readings! Thanks for all the orders, guys! The Celtic Cross Reading, now only $23.00- regularly $27.00, with the offer available until 8/8/07. For More info click here

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We live near MIS racetrack in Brooklyn, but we're not race fans. (Far from...) We just do our best to avoid race traffic. Well, it rained toady and now it's really still and humid and I can hear the Indy cars racing! I thought I was crazy, then I came in and saw online that the race started hours late because of the rain. I think it's some kind of weather phenomenon that lets me hear the cars all the way in my yard. I discovered the race is : Firestone Indy 400 at Michigan International Speedway
It's been a rainy day, purrfect for movie watching. I really loved the Simpson's movie, delighted to see a big chunk of my fave family with no commercials. It was smart and stooopid, in just the right amounts, exactly what I was hoping for. Just wondering, what happened to Spider Pig when the Simpson's escaped the Dome? We never see him again, do we??
Still doing readings. It's been a busy weekend, but cozy and homey and snuggly. Hope it's just as loverly for all of youse.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Is Peter Jennings the cutest little dog ever??? We took him to a new groomer, Tailywags in Clinton, and it was wonderful! He was the only dog there today, and he had unlimited attention and a terrific haircut. He smelled like old socks and cat food (He hit captain Bly's bowl this morning) and he came out fresh and fluffy. She said the only time he cried was when she put him down when she was done, she had to put him back up on the table and pretend to be doing stuff, THEN he was happy. He's a LOVER.

I've been very busy, getting to all the readings I've sold with the Tarot Sale, I'm behind in blogging. I'm sire you all are starved for the mundane details of my life. So I'll spill spill spill here for you!

Well, my fabulous weekend of fun started on Friday. Our local radio station plays this game called "The Wheel of Meat", they spin a roulette wheel (ummm, it's the radio, I was really skeptical about that one...) and if it lands on the right spot you win 2 lbs (whooo hooo 2 WHOLE pounds) of meat products from a local deli. My co-worker and I make a lot of jokes about this one, it's a weird contest, so i called in to see if I could get on the radio to cheer her up. (She was having a rough day, and I'm a considerate friend) I got on the radio and did my yammering Pippi Lonngstocking thing, stating off with, "I'm ready to win some MEAT, baby!" The DJ was cracking up, I made Sue laugh, and I won some marinated chicken breasts- a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning we dropped Peter at the Groomer, then went to breakfast and ran into friends there and shared a table. A lovely co-inky dink; I think breakfast out is my favorite time to eat out. I think I like breakfast better than dinner out, actually.

James came home from band camp (if I hear another American Pie reference I will SCREAM!!!!) sweaty, 14 lbs lighter, and happy to be back in his own house. With all his traveling he's been home 4 days since July 4th, he was happy to be here.

Now, today the big plan is SIMPSONS movie for the whole family. It's a (much-needed) rainy day. Perfect for Tarot Readings, and a dark movie theater and buttery popcorn.

So, buy a Tarot Reading, (the sale ends 8/8/07) Or, check out all the cool Tarot info, mystical crafts and stuff on my website. My links were all messed up on this page and I've done a bunch of work on the page, so the links are fixed.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's HOT HOT HOT here in Michigan, and there are some pretty thirsty fields around us; corn gasping. Everything is dry, yet the air is humid...sigh. This kind of weather is rough on crops, nerves, and dogs. Not much I can do for the crops, and I can only make sure my own dog is hydrated and happy, but I CAN give all of you a little break from the mid-season doldrums.

My mother had a good metaphor for this kind of malaise. She grew up on a farm, and it was necessary to change the water in the bucket where the fishing minnows were kept, because they breath up all the air. Fresh water gives them new air, livens them up. When we were tired of the same old same old in our lives she would say "it's time to change the water on the minnows..."

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I was looking for pictures and came across this one- and it tugged at my heart. I've been missing my Dad, well, I ALWAYS miss my dad, and this photo was so poignant. My dad had Macular Degeneration, his eyesight was very poor, thus the chair right in front of the TV set. I miss you Dad. See Aden Mead Park here.

Well, my daughter's BFF's mom is having a yard sale and she gave me a 40's style bamboo couch which will be perfect for the 3 Bears. (It's official, mice have moved into the current couch... it MUST be replaced. ) I will have to get cushions and upholster, but that will be fun, and I can use whatever fabric I want! I'll post project photos as i go along...

I took the word from the cards seriously, and did some things I have been putting off, and feel more accomplished tonight. It's true, once started momentum kick ins. I made stuffed shells with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and Linguica sausage from Rhode Island. (I give my sis Rock&Rye, and she gives us linguica...)

It's hot, stay cool.