Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap year! And Happy Birthday to my sweet Uncle Claude, a leap year baby, who turns 96(!!) today! He's pictured here at Lake May with his Great-grandaughter Indigo. He's turning 96 but since he's a leap Year baby, he's really only 24!

In honor of Leap Year I turn over a card, The Lovers. That's a sweet card to get today- all about partnerships, seeing eye-to-eye, a fulfilling love. And amazingly enough, that sounds about right. It wasn't always so- I think a card turned over on the last Leap Year would not have give me such a blessing.

I've been with Dan for 30 years, 27 married. We grew up together, faced some tough times, and it wasn't always easy. ummm, that's an understatement. There were some nights I went to bed planning the perfect murder. I'm sure he did, too. There's that old joke, "I've been married 27 years- 2 of them happily..."

But even when all that hating was going on, underneath it all, there was love. It was just getting layers on angry sediment on top of it. And now, in the last year, we have finally had a love resurrection. When I was angry with Dan I always took my problems to other people. After awhile, my friends became more important to me, and I shared less and less of myself with Dan. And he's not a big chatty guy. He got surly and withdrew, I think he was resentful of my diverted attention, but he's not the kind of guy to say it. He just closed off to me.

We started working our way back to each other, I readjusted the way I responded to him. And he started opening up to me. My time-consuming friendships wound up going by the wayside, and I saw how much they had CONSUMED my life. All of a sudden Dan and I were telling each other about our day again, that ease with each other brought us to a firmer union, and we remembered all that love buried in the sediment of our marriage. We were really LIKING each other again- you can love someone but not really LIKE him, we're having fun again. We're really happy again.

So, my point here is: 4 years ago I would have gotten a much gloomier card to represent my marriage- I'm sure it would have pointed out the pain and the problems, but

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have been LOVING paperbackswap lately- I just got a load of 4 books yesterday, whoo hoo! What a treat. I'm very excited about
Rasputin's Daughter. I just read The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar, and it was intriguing. now, on my Russian history quest, I want to see Nicholas & Alexandra again. I haven't seen it since I was a kid, and a lot of the political references flew over my head. Anyway, I am rambling. Check out paperbackswap, nothing like a good book on a cold night.
It's a clear (and let me mention again, cold...) night here in Michigan; we're hoping for an excellent view of the lunar eclipse tonight. This was a freaky day everywhere- I was feeling supercharged, Dan saw 4 different herds of deer on his way home, I think it's a big ol' lunar pull- anyone else feeling it???

Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, I think I've had enough of a break. In the time I've been away from the blog, I have been building up my wicked Tarot Skills- I've done several local parties, and I've acquired quite a few more clients. Whooo hoo! There are a lot of things that really suck about being on the cusp of menopause- moodiness, nightsweats- however, the effect it has had on my Tarot skills is spectacular! I'm a better reader than I have ever been before...

Check this response...
"Oh my God. You are priceless and not in a MasterCard way. I could relate to every single detail, you are truly amazing. I’m going to tell you just how amazing…you don’t have to read it! It’s a long diatribe, but you are wonderful, I don’t have words to describe you. Ha ha I tried to entertain you in this book I just wrote. You will like the last paragraph. God Laura, I can’t get over this reading….."

Good time to get a reading, guys, I'm HOT!